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women's clothing tailoring

Women's Clothing Alterations at AJJ Alterations

Tops: Adjust waist Grooving on both sides, adjustable pliers to create a better fit on the front and back, cut and lengthen sleeves, hem, remove or change the style of the neck, cut shoulders.

Skirts: Adjust waist and hip, change the length, change of lining, normal or invisible zippers added.

Pants: Alter and adjust waist, hip, crotch, length and hem.

Tailors Suits: Adjust the sides, length, opening, front, shoulders, sleeves, and flaps.

Swimwear: Adjust elastic waistband, add lace or change the style.

Sportswear: Adjust waist, hip, length and replace zippers.

Bride Dresses: Adjust waist, bust, hip and length.

Shorts: Replace zippers, adjust waist, length and sides.

Shirts: Cut sleeves adjust length, waist size and neck.

Jeans: Adjust waist, hips, crotch, long to short, original and simple hems and zippers.

Dresses: Adjust waist, hips, shoulders, back, length, zippers and openings.

Leatherwear: Replace zipper, shorten sleeves and adjust waist, shoulders and length without altering the original style.

Facebook Reviews

Dora Rivas -  I would like to thanks AJJ alterations for the service they provide. thanks to AJJ alterations I was able to be present in the wedding of my nice. The AJJ alterations make me a dress with the exact measures and was ready on the day they told me. Prices are reasonable and have quality work.